The Dance With Temptation

An itch in my mind.
Cunning musings to reject
What a weak rejection
For the flesh is sheep
A follower.
Easy to sweep in sweet
Dark promises, never mind
Your consequence.
Nor the sink hole of the after.

A trick to bamboozle.
To reclaim my
Traitor flesh from vague, dark
Yet sweet promises
The master mind has campaigned with.
Open! O gates of creativity
Stimulate and reclaim
Clarify and cloud
The master mind.
Save the day once more
Leash the flesh
Man’s war.

A dance of the living.
To restrain or let go
To be sane or
Languish in the embrace
Of d’evil crowds
A master mind, expert
Of release and slavery
An assasin of choice.
Onwards! Till servant mind
Dancing! Till end’s time.

Oh Weaver, Oh Bird

To the birds that
Annoyingly and joyously
Chirp away and sing and skip
And dance their heavy burdens
With batting wings that won’t stop
And twisting necks that don’t break
To their house of grass
Of twig of leaf
Of pure hardwork if there ever was
That miraculously, unbelievably
Keeps the rain away.

To the hope that
Insistently, persistently
Blossoms and grows and blooms
In the coldest of realities
That exist that shouldn’t
This head and heart
Wonders, muses, imagines
That hardwork is what
Weaves the ether to keep
The rain away
From grass homes, porous but true
Porous but true.

Mind Over Matter

A cold draft
Strikes his skin, already dry
And thin, like silk
Old tired silk.

The baby’s blanket, blue
Torn and light, overused
Older than his skin
Insufficient still, for years it had been
As a barrier

He remembers the words,
Older than man himself
Mind sharpened, attacking
A thought, an idea
A feeling, a reality

Then there was a shift
Unnoticeable to watching eyes
Yet so great a shift

Cold became cool
Suffering became comfort
The barrier strengthened
Mind over matter

Sighing, he gets
Deeper in slumber
A true ruler if ever
Nature’s veritable son.

Black Hole

Oh the emptiness
The gaping hole
Irregular borders filled with irregularities
Within my being, my entity

A winner, it ever expands
Depths murkier and darker
Time an ally it seems
It and all, my sworn enemies

Slowly but surely, defined
It teaches as it destroys
As I lose feeling in my limbs
My torso, my heart and all.


My heart bleeds
My head aches
My tear buds leak
For the shattered minds
Inconsiderate, condescending eyes
Quick to look down in pride
Quick to blindness

To what end I ask?
With what justification?
Then comes the cringing back
The feeling of emptiness
Their reality is not planned
Their goals do not exist
They did not go that far

Content with mediocrity
They will continue
Blind to their mistakes
Slumbering in their wake
It does feel good
To think you are better
The high of morality

It’s moments like this
I’m grateful to reality’s laws
Truth will remain true
Good will remain good
No matter our excuses
No matter our denial
Today will lead to tomorrow

Consequences will follow actions.


Alone and sober
I stay, I will be
For drunken conversations
Are not worthy distractions
I find
Noisy interruptions
Not fulfilling immersions

For the potions, the fumes
My minds wheels accelerate
Leaving no detail unnoticed
No disappointment unconsidered
Wasted time staying longer
Its funeral lasting
Throughout its passing

To miss the days of ignorance
Will be blatant stupidity
I find
As I remain unreconciled
With the confusion of the knowing
And being known
The uncertainty in vision
And being seen

Alone and sober
I stay
I won’t be any other way

Let the Silence

The silence permeates
For I would rather silence
Than have conversations
On dissatisfaction
Aiding your constant search
For self pity and superiority

The silence permeates
For I would rather silence
Than talk aimed at demeaning
Struggling complicated humans
Punishing them for lack of knowledge
Knowledge we are in wanting of

The silence still permeates
For I would rather silence
To consider and access
Responsibilities to reality
Clarify and assimilate
Information for the future

The silence will permeate
For I would rather silence
Than witness you
Putting yourself as centre
Of a universe still non-existent
For with silence
You may in turn realise
All the time we have lost
And how it can be found